Euroquim, C.A.

Established in 1999, Euroquim is dedicated to the marketing of commodities, mainly in the area of chemistry, to a multiplicity of industries nationwide.

To achieve our goals we have a highly qualified staff to respond to customer requirements in the best conditions of quality and prices, achieving this through teamwork and work with continuous training maintain high levels of service.

Our operation is centralized in a head office in the city of Caracas, the sales management is in Valencia and our warehouse, specializing in the handling of chemicals, is located in the town of Los Guayos, Edo. Carabobo.


Offer products in the area of chemistry that comply with the highest standards of quality at national level in order to meet the requirements of the major industries of the country.

Provide procedures for procurement and logistics that provide security and reliability to customers.

Offer a working environment which will encourage, recognize and value individual and team efforts in order to maintain good service-oriented staff.

Turn the Organization into a leading company in different markets where it is involved, in order to obtain a continuous and healthy economic performance.

To respect and preserve the environment by performing control procedures.


Maintain excellence in compliance with the standards of our marketing processes and services offering quality products and efficient service.


Be recognized as a safe and reliable provider of chemicals by staff’s professionalism, competitive prices and satisfactory attention to our customers.